She'll never agree to stay.

He'll never stop trying to protect her.

History Professor Ellie Ridgeman is back in her hometown for the reading of her grandfather's will. She only has to face her fears this one last time, and then she's off on sabbatical. But the former police chief's last words come with a cryptic instruction Ellie can't ignore. Even when it puts her life in danger.

Dean Cartwright is the town's unofficial medic, but that's not the lasting good he wants to do in Last Chance. When it's clear Ellie is being targetted, Dean puts aside his goal and steps in to protect her. Even when the truth threatens everything they thought they knew.

Someone doesn't want Ellie to uncover the truth. And they'll stop at nothing to keep her from finding what was buried.

Welcome to Last Chance County

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She’ll never accept his help.

He’ll never stop trying to protect his town.

Mia Tathers is an ATF Special Agent. It’s not like she needs Conroy to protect her. However, when it becomes clear someone is recreating her biggest mistake, Mia has to face her own inability to forgive Conroy for what he took from her. It’s the only way she’ll stay alive.

In this town, Police Lieutenant Conroy Barnes is the one who fixes problems. When a blast from the past shows up, bringing danger with her, he vows to keep her safe. But the clock has expired on her refuge. Death is knocking, and Conroy is determined not to let it in.

Welcome to Last Chance County. 

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She won’t tell him the truth.

He’ll never stop trying to find it.

In this town, Police Detective Savannah Wilcox is the one who uncovers the truth. After a grisly murder occurs, it quickly becomes clear the death is connected to an ongoing investigation. And she’s certain this killer will strike again.

Private Investigator Tate Hudson has some secrets of his own. The prime suspect in a murder just might be the one who’s going to solve the whole case—if he can control the chaos swirling around him.
The clock has expired on both of their secrets, but the truth just might set them free. 

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