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 His sister has been kidnapped.
A disgraced woman is targetted.
Who is telling the truth?

Navy SEAL Bradley Harris returns home to find his sister, Senator Rachel Harris, has been abducted. The FBI’s prime suspect is Alexis Calvert, Rachel’s best friend and the woman he gave his heart to long ago. Proving she’s innocent is going to be tough. Especially when he realizes the truth behind Alexis’s public shaming. Bradley must get his sister back and protect the woman he loves before the worst happens…and he loses everything.



 Everything changed for Emma Burroughs the night Senator Francis Sadler was killed. On the run and being hunted, there is nothing left for her to do but lay low. Until a strange man shows up. Mint is an operator through and through. A warrior. His job is to protect Emma…and find out what she’s hiding.
Only the truth will reveal the blackmailer. But life is never that simple.



 On the trail of a blackmailer.

Double Down operative Megan has a dark past. And it's back to haunt her in this, the third installment of Lisa Phillips's Double Down series.
FBI Special Agent Adrian Walker is all-in, ready to help Megan. Can they trust each other when both are hiding secrets?
Chasing a rogue agent with a dangerous weapon proves difficult when loyalties are divided and friends become enemies.

Only together can they survive what's coming. 


The series finale finds Steve on the run, a fugitive from the law. Despite the heat on him, he sticks around Washington DC determined to bring down the blackmailer.

Rachel uses her pull as a senator to confront the man who took everything from her. In return, the blackmailer hires hitmen to take her out. Can she face her fears, get the proof the FBI needs to make an arrest, and somehow end this nightmare?

As Christmas approaches the team faces attack. All the way from Washington to South America, the fate of the nation is on the line. Double Down must face their greatest foe and through it all stay true to themselves and each other.