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An original series created by bestselling authors Susan May Warren and Lisa Phillips.

She was born to be a smokejumper…

As the niece of a legendary smokejumper, Nova Burns is tough as nails. When their crew chief Tucker Newman breaks his leg, Nova longs for the opportunity to helm the team, ready to take risks and prove herself. But there's one risk she refuses to take—falling in love.

He’s living a lie…

Undercover Homeland agent Booth Wilder is seeking redemption. Scarred by a past explosion that took the life of his partner, Booth is hunting a rogue CIA faction known as the Brotherhood. Now, he's determined to uncover their secrets and find a hidden nuclear weapon that could turn the world to ash.

Only problem…summer sparks have ignited between Booth and Nova. Nova is torn between her future as the smokejumping chief, her growing attraction to Booth, and the belief that he’s hiding something from her. Of course he is…Booth is hiding his true goal—unrooting the Brotherhood and returning to his life as a Homeland Security agent, a life that he’s not sure he really wants.

Then the wildfire threatens the home of the Jude County Firefighting team, and Nova doesn’t care what secrets he might be hiding—she needs everyone to save the town. But when the Brotherhood discovers Booth and his goals, the fight becomes personal. Now, Booth must choose between accomplishing his mission and saving the woman he’s come to love.

It’s a dangerous game of loyalty, betrayal, and pulse-pounding action in the fifth installment of the Chasing Fire: Montana series.

Chasing Fire: Montana
Book 1: Flashpoint
Book 2: Flashover
Book 3: Flashback
Book 4: Firestorm
Book 5: Fireline
Book 6: Fireproof

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PUBLISHED: March 21, 2024

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