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An original series created by bestselling authors Susan May Warren and Lisa Phillips.

He’s the last person she wants to see…

Allie Monroe is desperate for a fresh start. Grieving the loss of her first SAR dog, she’s gone to Montana to train her new K9, Scout. And when two boys go missing during a wildfire, she’s brought on board to find them.

But the one person tasked to help her is the last person she wants to see—arrogant and dangerous Dakota Masterson.

It’ll take exactly this man to save everything she loves.

Former SWAT officer Dakota Masterson is a new man after confronting the demons of his past, including his first unfortunate meeting with Allie. But admittedly, she’s the last person he thought he’d see again…or have to work with. Still, maybe this is his chance to prove to her that he’s a different man—because she’s the one woman he can’t seem to forget.

However, with the flames closing in, finding the boys might mean confronting the painful memories of their short-lived relationship. Then, Allie’s dog goes missing, suddenly someone is shooting at them, and they find themselves in a race against a wildfire and a threat that wants them dead. More, when Allie goes missing, Dakota’s past—and his issues—come roaring back.

It’ll take the SWAT officer in him to save the day, but will it cost them a future they both long for?

Get ready to be swept away in a world where survival, redemption, and second chances collide in book three of the Chasing Fire: Montana series.

Chasing Fire: Montana
Book 1: Flashpoint
Book 2: Flashover
Book 3: Flashback
Book 4: Firestorm
Book 5: Fireline
Book 6: Fireproof

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PUBLISHED: March 21, 2024

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