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An original series created by bestselling authors Susan May Warren and Lisa Phillips.

Can they save the town, find a missing nuke, and protect their hearts from getting burned?

Jade Ransom is a tough-as-nails smokejumper with something to prove. Haunted by a past mistake, she's determined to show she has what it takes to lead her own team. But on her first day fighting a raging wildfire, she rescues an injured yet mysteriously driven man from the flames—Crispin Lamb, who has even bigger problems than her.

Crispin has been secretly hunting the dangerous criminal organization called The Brotherhood for years. After already saving his sister from them and getting severely beaten, he's now on the hunt to find Henry, a man who may have stolen a nuclear missile from the gang. If Henry does have the nuke, Crispin needs to keep it out of the Brotherhood's hands at all costs, as they have plans to sell the weapon to Russia.

With the wildfire bearing down and The Brotherhood closing in, Crispin and Jade are thrust together in a deadly race to find Henry and the potential nuke before either create an even greater catastrophe. But as their attraction grows amid the threats surrounding them, can they overcome the secrets of their pasts to save the town from total destruction?

With explosive twists, sizzling chemistry, and high-stakes danger around every burning tree, this thrilling romantic suspense will keep you gripped until the smoldering final page. Fans of Susan May Warren’s epic romantic adventures won't be able to put down Jade and Crispin's race against the clock to stop a nuclear threat all while battling fiery odds and the flames igniting between them.

Chasing Fire: Montana
Book 1: Flashpoint
Book 2: Flashover
Book 3: Flashback
Book 4: Firestorm
Book 5: Fireline
Book 6: Fireproof

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PUBLISHED: March 21, 2024

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